About Business Motivational Speaker Barbara Sanfilippo

Hi there. Thanks for visiting my website! This page will give you a quick overview of who I am and a sense of my ability to make your meeting a huge success in San Diego or anywhere in the US. To get the full story plus testimonials to back up what you read here, please click on the links below.

Barbara Sanfilippo is Much More Than a Motivational Speaker

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I’m a business motivational speaker, consultant, author and coach. However, I’m not the typical “rah-rah” presenter. Yes, I create excitement and people in the audience have fun. But in addition to inspiring and energizing, I deliver a long-remembered, differentiated experience by providing ideas and practical, immediately applicable tools that get lasting results. My presentations can be either purely motivational and inspirational or purely business or a blend of both. You decide.

Business Focus – So for example, if your primary interest is having your audience improve their know-how in a specific area of business, buy into a new company initiative and leave the meeting feeling great about the message, I’ll communicate practical and actionable ideas, provide powerful tools with take-home value AND motivate and inspire your audience to WANT to apply what they learned back on the job. I’ll shake up the status quo and increase buy-in and personal responsibility.

Professional Growth Focus – If your interest is having your audience be more engaged in their job and in life, take more personal ownership, change their mindset, get unstuck, expand their horizons, be uplifted and dream bigger, I’m an expert at providing powerful tools to change lives and motivate and inspire people to take action. I awaken people’s potential for experiencing gratification they never thought they could achieve and living the life they want.

With every presentation, my goals are to deliver exceptional value, generate a positive ROI for my clients and help people live and work at the highest level possible, in High Definition. (What it means to be a High Definition personTM)

Barbara Has Credibility to Deliver The Goods

Lo-res Barb and Bob

Barbara with Bob Romano
her business partner and husband

I’m able to motivate and inspire people because I understand how to make things happen in life and have done it. From humble beginnings in a “pasta-loving”, Italian family in Brooklyn, N.Y., I left the old neighborhood and got my first significant job as an office manager on Wall Street. A few years later, with a sense of adventure and a move to San Francisco, I created a successful career in sales and then as a VP & Regional Sales Manager with Bank of America.

In the course of leading sales teams, running sales meetings and speaking at sales rally’s, I discovered my real gift was encouraging, developing and inspiring people to aim higher, take action, be the best they could be and make a difference. So I took a risk by leaving a secure job to become a motivational speaker. My book, Dream Big – What’s The Best That Can Happen?, has inspired thousands to take full responsibility for creating results in their lives.

Ready for more challenge, years later I launched a training and consulting business with my soul mate, husband and business partner Bob Romano. Having made motivational speaking my passion and life work, I became one of the highest rated speakers at conferences. In 2000, I was inducted into the prestigious National Speakers Association CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame.

I would love to discuss how I can help you execute a hugely successful meeting as your motivational keynote speaker and make you look like a hero. I invite you to review my most popular presentation topics and then contact me. Thanks.


Barbara with Shelly Sun,
BrightStar Founder & CEO

“Outstanding Barb! Your motivational keynote, Lead in High Definition — Build a High Performance Team! at our Annual Franchisee conference was fantastic. You did the most homework of any speaker I’ve ever met in the 20 years I’ve planned events, including reviewing our key processes, speaking with our franchisees and our CEO and customizing the program to our objectives. It was wonderful to see our group highly engaged, interacting, excited, laughing, writing and having fun! Plus the information you shared was completely relevant to them and will help them build their team, increase sales and grow their business. You delivered a unique, experiential keynote with a roadmap to follow, a call to action and the inspiration to succeed–a great return on our investment. We look forward to having you back to speak at our Branch Leadership Conference and regional events”

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