Are You Stuck? 3 Tips To Get Going Again!

After two years of masks, remote work, isolation, Zoom fatigue and disrupted routines, it’s been challenging for some of us and our employees to get our mojo back! When you add rising inflation, non-stop negative news and unstable world events to the equation, it’s easy for anxiety, fear, or apathy to creep in. While we can’t control external events, we can choose to be High Definition People® committed to living life at the highest level possible! Here are three simple tips to get your spark lit again and move forward.

Challenge Unwelcome Thoughts

We all have occasional unhealthy thoughts; however, the key is to dismiss them immediately. Anytime you feel worried, afraid or any unpleasant emotion, ask “What did I just think or say? I can’t believe I said, ‘I’ll never get promoted. I’ll never meet my special partner.’” That’s a lie and I cast it out.   Now rephrase it and declare your positive intention. Turn it into a powerful prayer. Make it a habit to monitor your thoughts by being more aware and intentional.

Get Outside, Move Your Body and Be Social 

Nature has an amazing way of lifting our spirits. Whether it’s enjoying a blue sky, colorful flowers, majestic mountains, or a peaceful walk, be sure to get out of your cave and away from your devices as often as possible. Isolation breeds discouragement. A short walk, exercise and simply moving your body can have a profound impact on your mind and outlook. Plan a get-together or fun social outing to connect with people you know to brighten your day.

Set a Goal for Completion 

You may be overwhelmed and frustrated with all the disruption or uncertainty causing procrastination, distractions, or discouragement. Personally, I need to have a sense of completion and accomplishment at the end of each day or week. For the last two weeks, I kept delaying starting a challenging financial review project. So I finally declared, “Today I will begin by first reviewing all our insurance.” I did it and it felt great! Whether it’s a small, annoying task or an important project you must begin or complete, start your day boldly declaring, “No matter what happens today I will at least do _________!”

Acknowledge your challenges, be kind to yourself and patient with others. We can’t keep our lives on hold any longer. The good news is it’s time to step out in faith, take action and get ready to dream again!