Leadership: Are You Engaging or Disengaging Your Staff?

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Imagine you hire some great young talent and they are really kicking butt and contributing! However, after the first year it’s obvious the honeymoon is over.

In addition, you have some loyal long-term folks who are physically present but mentally absent. In both cases employee dissatisfaction or disengagement is impacting productivity, the customer experience, sales and your culture. Motivation is waning.

High Deifnition Leaders Engage EmployeesSavvy CEOs and business executives recognize a highly engaged workforce is one of the keys to deliver on your brand promise and financial success. So what’s the answer? It means persons in leadership positions need to step up and lead in high definition!

High definition leaders enjoy connecting, coaching, developing and encouraging a team member in ways that significantly impact their overall experience and satisfaction. When any of these three things stop, I can assure you, disengagement and dissatisfaction set in.

#1 Development and Learning

It’s important to note that for the fastest growing segment of the workforce, Millennials, personal development is a driving motivator. Most employees are excited when they start a job but once they become proficient at their work, apathy or boredom often sets in.

The antidote is to ensure there is a way for them to deepen their skills, increase learning and receive consistent coaching from a manager or a mentor.  This could include career pathing in a large organization. However, even small businesses need to ensure their leaders spend private time coaching and developing their people.

#2 Participation

Some of the most disengaged employees are the ones who are isolated. In many companies, we often see departments functioning as “silos” with employees insulated in their own little world. This often causes the “us and them syndrome” leading to poor internal collaboration, poor service, lack of buy-in and feeling unappreciated.

Employee_recognitionThe answer is to expose your employees to other areas and opportunities to get involved. Have support staff visit front line staff, go on a sales call, sit in on a management staff meeting and broaden their perspective on their role and how they can contribute.

#3 Recognition, Appreciation and Celebration

While this is certainly not a new concept it’s quite alarming how this proven, low-cost method of improving motivation and morale is ignored. Over and over we see lack of recognition as a top complaint on staff satisfaction surveys.

This is not about money or incentives, but rather a personalized and authentic expression that you value the person, their work and their contribution. Whether it is a personal handwritten note from a manager, phone call from an executive or public praise at a meeting, people are hungry to know they matter.

Growth and development quote - Harvey FirestoneThese employees were so excited you would have thought they’d won the lottery. Businesses that host frequent and fun celebratory events also have minimal turnover and happier employees.

Whether they lead a sales team, manage a support function or are a CEO, your leadership team must work at engaging their staff. High Definition Leaders™ think of themselves as Olympic coaches and servant leaders committed to helping each team member “go for the gold.” Every organization needs – and wants – high definition people and leaders!

Thanks for reading! I welcome the opportunity to deliver a tailored and dynamic program at your conference and inspire your leaders to take action!


Barbara Sanfilippo, CPA, CPAE
An Expert at Moving People to Take Action!
High Definition People®

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