ADMIN SUPPORT for Motivational Speaker, PT Onsite/Virtual Contractor

This opportunity is ideal for someone who loves to create attractive documents, produce professional marketing material and manage email campaign and social media accounts. Candidates must enjoy working in a small firm, show competency for attention to detail and be highly focused on project completion.

Does This Sound Like You?

  • You offer contract-based virtual and on-site clerical and administrative services
  • You have a servant’s heart and supporting others brings you satisfaction
  • You desire flexibility in your schedule
  • You prefer a part-time schedule of 1-2 days per week (4-6 hrs per day)
  • You have a proven track record of supporting others in an administrative role
  • You have experience supporting small, fast-paced firms in a casual environment
  • You are as comfortable with online platforms as you are communicating with clients
  • You’re self-motivated and enthusiastic
  • You live within 15 miles of Rancho Bernardo

The Opportunity

We are seeking an enthusiastic and self-motivated individual with 10 years experience and strong computer and clerical skills able to provide mostly onsite and occasional virtual administrative services 12-16 hours per week. Onsite days are typically 1-2 times each week for 5-6 hours per day on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday 9:00 to 3:00/3:30. (We may occasionally need a Monday or Friday.) Additional virtual hours may also be provided. We are flexible in working out a schedule that works for both of us.

This is a long-term position and a unique opportunity to use your skills in a variety of areas. We are a motivated husband/wife team committed to creating a win-win relationship. As a key support person, you will have an opportunity to contribute to the success of an established and reputable firm and help us harness our creativity and vision to produce results and grow our business. Qualified candidates will have an opportunity to interview with the person currently performing in this capacity.


  • 10 years experience in an office environment with exceptional clerical and administrative skills. Attention to detail and accuracy is a must.
  • Fast and highly accurate typing (65 plus wpm) along with high proficiency in creating, formatting, proofing, and editing professional, error free documents.
  • Ability to create and incorporate attractive graphics for promotional flyers, workbooks, presentations and other formats. Canva a plus.
  • Web savvy and highly comfortable managing WordPress, Constant Contact, LinkedIn and social media.
  • Create tasteful, informative and engaging PowerPoint slides for large-scale conference presentations.
  • High technical ability for troubleshooting computer issues related to software installation and updates, web browser preferences, email accounts management and set up, etc.
  • Familiar with PC and Mac operating systems
  • Project Management: ability to plan, organize, manage and track progress of assigned tasks getting the intended results within an agreed upon time frame
  • Ability to work independently, yet work closely and take direction from principals
  • Proven ability to handle multiple tasks for two owners with different working styles

Typical Projects

  • Type, proof and format professional correspondence, proposals and workbooks
  • Coordinate printing and shipping of training material
  • Edit and publish blog posts with WordPress
  • Manage website content with WordPress including widgets and forms
  • Distribute promotional e-mail campaigns Constant Contact
  • Contact database management (CRM)
  • LinkedIn account management
  • Social media account management
  • Book hotel, airfare, ground transportation and other travel logistics
  • Troubleshoot technical items on office hardware/software

Desired Qualities

  • High standards for quality, accuracy and consistency
  • Takes responsibility for results and gets the job done in a timely manner
  • Focused and not easily distracted
  • High work ethic
  • Proactive – anticipate what could go wrong and take steps to prevent it
  • Solution oriented – exhaust all available options for completing a given task
  • Self-motivated and self-starter
  • Fast learner and industrious
  • Your faith is an important area of your life

Billing Rate

$22-25/hour, depending on experience. As an independent contractor you are responsible for all income tax; agreed upon rate will take this into consideration. Mileage is not reimbursed, you may track and claim business expense on 1099.

Company Profile

High Definition People® is a national training, consulting and motivational speaking firm that inspires audiences and businesses to act on their highest aspirations, enrich customer relationships, increase sales, and experience life and work at the highest level possible – in high definition! One of our principals is an accomplished, nationally known motivational speaker and author. Our second company is High Definition Banking®. We are based in Rancho Bernardo, San Diego North County.

How To Apply, Read Carefully

  1. Visit and to learn more about our company
  2. Send a detailed cover letter selling us on why this opportunity is a good fit for you and for us. A tailored, descriptive cover letter is the key to getting our attention! Candidates who do not submit a tailored cover letter will not be considered.
  3. Include your resume listing all of your capabilities related to what we need.
  4. We view testimonial letters from previous employers or clients positively.
  5. Email your cover letter and qualifications to
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