Sell in High Definition™

Sell in High Definition

Sell in High Definition™ – Become an Expert, Build Trust, Attract Business

Imagine after a few years in your sales job you’ve created a situation in which a substantial quantity of your sales come from prospects who learned about YOU and your product or service and CALL YOU to explore how you can meet their needs. Imagine your pipeline filled with leads from referrals and never having to make a cold call. Sound far-fetched? It’s more realistic than you might think when you Sell In High Definition™.

Salespeople who’ve reached this pinnacle have positioned themselves as experts, advisors, and problem-solvers in their niche industry and have become masterful at building trusting relationships. They no longer chase the sale because they’ve built a reputation as a “go-to” person who creates a differentiated customer experience, adds value and always does what’s best for the customer. As a result, they become a “business and referrals magnet”.

Attracting more customers rather than continually searching for them will require you to think differently about how you now sell. You’ll learn how to do that and more when you attend this high-energy session with proven ideas that will increase your sales and make you stand out from your competition. You’ll discover how to:

  • View what you do for a living from a totally new perspective
  • Position and promote yourself as an expert and a “mini-celebrity”
  • Attract warm inquiries from prospects who are referred to you
  • “Clone” your best customers and infiltrate your niche
  • Pre-call plan effectively to increase your chances of winning the business
  • Add value, educate, and be bold to advance the sale
  • Critique your sales calls and avoid the most common pitfalls that repel customers
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