Barbara Sanfilippo creates a differentiated experience that becomes fixed in the mind of audiences for years to come

  • Consider This

    Do you remember your first roller coaster ride? Your first kiss? Holding your first newborn? If you do, it’s because these were more than events – they were experiences! You weren’t simply seeing, hearing and thinking but feeling. It’s like the emotional rush you get at a very exciting sporting event or particularly moving symphony. Imagine your group reacting to a speaker in the same way!

  • The High Definition People® Difference

    Barbara doesn’t deliver a conventional motivational presentation – she creates an experience that impacts people to their core. She’s able to electrify an audience without superficial and annoying hype because she is naturally dynamic and connects with something deep inside people: their dreams and aspirations.

    What She Does

    Barbara will first discover the essence of your business and meeting objectives and then deliver a highly relevant, life-changing message unique to your group. She’ll then inspire the audience to expect the best and believe they can accomplish whatever they want to achieve personally or whatever their employer is asking them to do. Many have an awakening in some area of their personal or professional life that transforms their thinking so they finally believe, “I can do this and I will!”

    How She Does It

    She shakes up the status quo by getting people to question their limiting beliefs. She prompts them to change their perspective on work and life, expand their horizons, aim for their highest aspirations and dream bigger than they ever have. More importantly, Barbara gives what many need most: encouragement. As she gives them the tools and a roadmap to reach their dream, people are impacted in a way they never have been before.

    It’s not easy to be a passive participant in Barbara’s motivational and inspirational sessions. It’s more like a great adventure leading to a whole new way of looking at work and life. Many are emotionally moved to take action that leads to success both personally and professionally. Their life and work performance become forever changed. Audiences have fun and many are glad they attended. As a result, Barbara’s sessions quite often become the high point of conferences.

    You will never get a “drive-by” speaking engagement from Barbara. You can anticipate an experience that impacts your attendees in a special way. High Definition People® is the promise of an experience – the experience of a promise delivered. Barbara Sanfilippo is High Definition People®.

  • The Proof

    Barb thanks for your awesome program at our Employee Appreciation Day. You not only gave us great ideas to improve service and customer relationships, you inspired us to take action professionally and personally. Those employees who ‘groaned’ about attending, were raving when it was over! That motivation has had a lasting impact on us. We have several supervisors who are really stepping up to the plate and implementing some of your ideas. We also have a couple of employees who were marginal and have started to excel. Our management team had a brainstorming session after you left and we are holding each other and our supervisors accountable. Thanks again for first learning about us and then delivering an engaging, impactful and memorable message.

    Outstanding Barb! Your motivational keynote, Lead in High Definition — Build a High Performance Team! at our Annual Franchisee conference was fantastic. It was wonderful to see our group highly engaged, interacting, excited, laughing, writing and having fun! Plus the information you shared was completely relevant to them and will help them build their team, increase sales and grow their business. You delivered a unique, experiential keynote with a roadmap to follow, a call to action and the inspiration to succeed–a great return on our investment. We look forward to having you back to speak at our Branch Leadership Conference and regional events.

    Your opening keynote, “Dream Big! Be Bold! Focus on the Future” was highly-rated and a great way to kick off our Leadership Conference. Your upbeat style had our members up, moving and engaged which is always a great way to get the adrenalin going! Plus your ideas on how to turn members into advocates, engage staff, differentiate with financial education and enjoy life in the process were practical and inspiring. Your presentation will long be remembered.

    Your Dream Big! keynote was the most talked about portion of our event. For a group of seasoned – “been there, done that” – meeting professionals, who research, book and witness speakers on a frequent basis, this is quite a feat!

    Your powerful message for our audience was more than just a presentation. You bonded with our bankers, made them want to be better managers and glad they were part of this interactive session. Your discussion made our event and was the highest rated program!

    Your engaging and inspirational keynote and physician development workshop, “Rediscover the Joy of Practice,”’ was one of our highest-rated events ever! A remarkable achievement for a physician audience that’s usually tough to please. Your knowledge of professional relationships and physician-staff interactions led us to a new level of understanding of how we can best work with one another. Thanks for making this a spirited, valuable and memorable event.

    Wow! Did Press Ganey hit the mark when we selected you as a presenter at our Press Ganey National Client Conference! Your high energy and dynamic presentation style made it easy and interesting for our attendees to learn. Here are just a few of the many comments we received:

    “Awesome! Excellent speaker! Very motivational! I cannot wait to present these items to my management team! Great ideas!”

    “Barbara was exciting, motivating and fun. I respect her ideas and plan to implement many. Thanks!”

    Your opening keynote, “Dream Big – Be Bold, Focus on the Future!” at our CUNA Marketing & Business Development Conference got great reviews! Your challenge to combat complacency and be bold in the credit union movement and in life made an impact. I thought you’d enjoy these attendee kudos from the evaluations.
    “Wow! What an incredible experience! I wish I could bring her back to my CU!”
    “Wow! What an inspiration. She, by herself, made the entire conference worthwhile.”

    I would like to personally thank you for putting on a fantastic presentation. Your presentation style left a remarkable impact on our group. If I may, let me share some of the responses turned in by our attendees.
    “This was another one of my favorites! Not only did Barbara get us enthused about work but she got us enthused about life!”
    “Great energy for an opening speaker! I liked the way she blended personal well-being and happiness along with business tactics.”

    Your presentations “Contributing to the Bottom Line, Be Savvy, Be Strategic, Be Smart” and “High Definition Selling – Winning Sales and Services Strategies to Top Performers” were exceptional! You started SHRM Jacksonville’s 2011 Programs with a BANG! Your zest for life and positive outlook are infectious. I will forever be grateful to you for encouraging me to “act as if.” It has totally changed the way I look at life’s challenges. Also our past president said, “Barbara was truly astonishing! I think she is “sizzling” hot! Loved it!”

    In the last 10 years I’ve heard numerous speakers share how HR can be a business partner and a key player. I must say your program, The HR Professional’s Role, Be Savvy, Be Strategic, Be Smart! at our SHRM Strategy conference was by far the best and filled with fresh, practical and powerful ideas. Plus your engaging, interactive and entertaining style held my attention and made the session very meaningful. Super job!

    Hardly a day goes by when one or more of your ideas is not brought up. Your scores were outstanding from presentation style through usefulness.

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