Barbara Sanfilippo is often one of the highest rated business motivational speakers at conferences and audience members frequently ask to have her back

  • Consider This

    A lot is on the line when you hire a motivational speaker. Their fee is not the only consideration – it’s your reputation that’s at stake. If the speaker hit’s the ball out of the park, you’re a hero. If the speaker turns out to be ho-hum, you can be sure you’ll hear about it. How do you develop a high level of confidence the speaker you hire will meet and even exceed your expectations?

    Instead of having your standing diminished, be a hero by taking out some “reputation insurance.”

  • The High Definition People® Difference

    There’s no such a thing as a guaranteed successful speaker’s presentation but Barbara Sanfilippo’s come close. Her many repeat engagements will attest to that. She’s consistently rated by her audiences as one of the best speakers at meetings and conferences. It’s one of the reasons her clients keep inviting her back.

    Want some additional assurance? Barbara’s ability has also been recognized by the National Speakers Association. She holds both the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation as well as the Council of Peers Award for Excellence (CPAE) awarded to her in 2000. The CPAE or Speaker Hall of Fame was created to honor professional speakers who have reached the top echelon of speaking excellence and professionalism. Admission into the Speaker Hall of Fame is a lifetime award.

    Barbara’s consistency of excellence might be the closest thing you will get to “reputation insurance.”

  • The Proof

    I heard Barb speak at the 2015 ABA Marketing and Retail Conference where I was on the selection committee. She had one of the most highly ranked sessions at the conference and after hearing her presentation, I understand why. She’s not only a banking industry expert but also a talented and dynamic professional speaker. In fact, quite a few bankers were talking and Tweeting about how great her presentation was and how valuable the information would be to their own bank.

    Our members gave you very high marks for your energizing and idea-packed leadership program, High Definition People – The Key to Ignite Passion, Performance and Personal Responsibility at our annual conference. As senior health care executives they appreciated both the inspiration and information they can use to engage their staff, lead like an Olympic Coach and dream big! In fact, they “demanded” we have you back. So by popular demand we are pleased to invite you as our closing keynote speaker next year. Some member comments:
    “Barbara was electrifying! She kept our attention through participation and truth-based facts that spoke through leadership.”
    “One of the best speakers of the conference. Please bring her back!”
    “Absolutely top notch! Definitely gave me something to add to my tool box.”
    “Outstanding presentation; she was enthusiastic, concise and provided tools we can use as soon as we get home.”
    “Amazing. WOW, LOVED IT!!! I needed this!”

    Attendees rated your keynote, “The HR Director’s Role – Be Savvy, Be Strategic, Be Smart!” as one of the most highly rated presentations in the conference, as well as your breakout session, “Break the 80/20 Rule – How to Identify, Reward and Reenergize Your “B” Players!” In fact, some comments included:
    “Ms. Sanfilippo was great! I love her enthusiasm!”
    “Sanfilippo – More! More! More!”
    This being the fifth time you have provided programs for the Tennessee Bankers Association is certainly a testimonial that you continue to deliver exceptional information.

    We have rarely had a session that received as many positive comments as yours. Comments like, “best ever,” and “bring more people like Barbara!” helped make this session the highest rated program at this meeting. The amount of time you spent prior to the meeting getting to know our members – their needs, their challenges – and making sure that your message provided information they could actually use was tremendous! We here at NAILBA are looking forward to your return keynote at our June Focus meeting!

    I want to thank you for the superb keynote presentation, “Sales Magic! Secrets to Develop a High Performing Team” you delivered at our Semi-Annual Wholesalers Meeting. Being in the insurance and investment business, we have seen excellent speakers. So I agree with our president when he thanked you on stage and said to the audience, “In all my years of listening to speakers, Barbara is by far the best! Her material was excellent, filled with useful ideas and delivered in an engaging style.” We look forward to inviting you back for our Top Producer meeting this May in Colorado Springs and partnering on other projects.

    Many of our financial advisors made wonderful comments and received great ideas from your presentation, Manage Your Book of Business – The Key to Expanding Relationships. It’s rare for a speaker to score all 5’s on the evaluations and you did just that! Our advisors appreciated your high energy, interactive style and solid content. Plus your Dream Big! closing message was a fun impactful ending to our conference.

    Outstanding job Barbara! You were by far the highest rated speaker in our staff development and leadership series. Your energizing and idea-packed session, Engage Staff, Deliver Service, Dream Big! was the perfect message to get everyone to take ownership and accept responsibility for patient satisfaction and their own work and life satisfaction. The comments on our staff evaluations were full of praise and superlatives!

    You’ll be pleased to know that on a 1-10 rating scale, your evaluations averaged 9.6 — one of the highest-rated programs for our chapter.

    Your presentation was voted one of the best our distributors have experienced.

    On a 5-point scale, you received a 4.65. Our general managers appreciated your solid ideas to develop a strong guest mentality at their properties.

    The evaluations are in and you are a HIT!!! In my nine years of coordinating Annual Managers Meetings, I have never seen such an abundance of 100% positive remarks about our guest speaker.

    You ranked as one of our top presenters with 4.4 for content and 4.7 for delivery. You are a meeting planner’s dream speaker! You do your homework, respond in a timely manner and then deliver a powerful, tailored presentation!

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