Barbara Sanfilippo provides powerful tools that motivate audiences to change their lives and take action

  • Consider This

    As a convention meeting planner, you and the planning committee are charged with finding a motivational speaker who will make such an impression on your audience that they leave the conference or business meeting feeling great!

    As a corporate meeting planner, you not only want a speaker who will “wow” your audience but also deliver practical ideas and powerful tools that people will apply immediately in their business and/or personal life. Your CEO or boss is likely looking for more tangible results and an ROI.

    Does it really have to be an “either or proposition.” Why not expect both practical information and inspiration? How about both engagement and application?

  • The High Definition People® Difference

    It’s rare to find speakers who can deliver both a “wow factor” and tangible results. Barbara is unique in how she interacts with your audience and motivates them. She gets them engaged and participating, provides practical tools to increase their performance at work and at home and inspires them to actually take action. If that isn’t enough, she makes them feel terrific so they leave your meeting on a high note. Here’s how…

    Inspired Action

    Barbara actually inspires people to take action and use the tools she provides. Her message moves people to change limited beliefs, get unstuck and dream much bigger. She’s able to impact lives in this way because she truly connects with her audiences. Besides being authentic and likeable, she demonstrates that she recognizes and understands their situation. Feeling a bond and encouraged, people finally start to believe that transforming their life is doable so they have a greater desire to do so.
    One audience member said, “I’ve heard this before in a different way but now I believe I can do it. You’re the first person who not only told what to do, you told me how to do it and gave me very specific examples I can relate to. I can now see how and realize I want to do this.”


    How often have you listened to a motivational speaker, had a positive and memorable experience but left “hungry” because you still didn’t know what you needed to do to make positive change? Even hiring a celebrity doesn’t mean that when people are back “in the real world,” the presentation will have any impact on their behavior. Barbara provides practical “take-aways” and fun tools that can be applied immediately after your audience leaves the session.

  • The Proof

    “Trust me when I tell you, you have inspired me to implement a number of things within my department, organization and my personal life. You mentioned positioning and adding value in your keynote so I wrote an article and am building deeper relationships with my internal customers. To engage my staff and improve their service performance I created a simple motto to reinforce our service standards. You recommended staying current and connected so I am pursuing a board position with my professional association. Best of all, you motivated me to create my very own Dream Board! Even my boss commented on my increased focus and motivation. Now I’m excited about inviting you to work with our company. Thanks Barbara for all you do…the little words and thoughts you share with people have a large impact on our personal and business lives. I love what I do because you reminded me its fun!”

    “Barbara, congratulations—you were the most highly-rated speaker at our 21st IEAHU Sales Symposium! In fact, you were even better than when I heard you at the National Association of Health Underwriters (NAHU) Annual Convention. You not only motivated and inspired our membership; you also gave our members great new ideas to grow their business and the steps to do it. In fact one of our brokers jumped on your idea immediately after the conference to position herself as an expert. She just published an article in Advantage Magazine, a key publication read by her ideal prospects. She and her team mates at Stracota Insurance were thrilled to see Pat as a published Medicare Expert. You can take pride in the fact that you are making an impact. Thank you again for doing such a wonderful job!”

    Thank you so much for presenting at the IBA HR conference. The attendees loved the session and said it was the best part of our conference. You provided great information with amazing enthusiasm! Our attendees felt like they got a CEO level session that spoke to their specific needs. In fact, one person was so inspired with the ideas and renewed sense of purpose, she decided to delay her early retirement and try some new approaches.

    Your presentations “Contributing to the Bottom Line, Be Savvy, Be Strategic, Be Smart” and “High Definition Selling – Winning Sales and Services Strategies to Top Performers” were exceptional! You started SHRM Jacksonville’s Program lineup with a BANG! Your zest for life and positive outlook are infectious. I will forever be grateful to you for encouraging me to “act as if.” It has totally changed the way I look at life’s challenges. Also our past president said, “Barbara was truly astonishing! I think she is “sizzling” hot! Loved it!”

    Super job Barb—you met the challenge! You not only delivered a highly-rated opening and closing keynote; you also facilitated our first ever idea sharing and action planning session for our advisors at our WAFA conference. By connecting the dots between all our sessions, you were able to inspire our advisors to take action and challenge them to grow their business in these uncertain times. Your energizing program, Your Best Year Ever—Believe It, See it, Do It! provided our folks with excellent content, an uplifting message and a plan to get started. The rave reviews you received indicate how powerful your approach was, the enthusiasm continuing after their return to their offices. Thanks for your support in making our conference a big success.

    I continued to receive many positive comments from our associates regarding your insights. They have told me that they have incorporated your ideas into their daily activities. Your understanding of Bank of America’s Small Business Banking Group made a difference with the audience as evidenced by the following comments:

    “It was obvious Barbara understood our business and what challenges we face. She did her homework.”

    “Excellent speaker! The best I’ve had the opportunity to hear, ever.”

    Your keynote at our National Sales Conference was more than enlightening – it was incredibly motivating. Our account execs commented you not only gave us practical tools and specific ideas to connect with our Realtors, but you inspired us to be confident and know we have it within us to succeed.

    We all agreed your motivating Dream Big! message and book was the best part and a great way to end the program. Thanks for teaching, educating, encouraging, entertaining and inspiring us. Your participation was invaluable in making this meeting a success!

    Thank you so much for your wonderful and inspiring keynote, Grow Your Business, Experience Life’s Best–How to Thrive in any Environment!, at our National Sales Meeting. As the leader of the sales effort my hope with a speaker is: that their message support what I’m trying to reinforce with my sales team, that it speak to our business and industry significantly enough so our people can truly apply the principles to their strategy and most of all, that they are engaging and we leave motivated with significant take-aways. Barbara, you delivered and then some! Your material was timely, your understanding of our business was outstanding and very skillfully applied, you had wonderful energy and I filled a notepad with ideas. As a matter of fact, I remember wishing I could leave the meeting to apply the ideas while they were fresh in my mind! Thank you Barbara for a memorable key note – I hope the standing ovation you received showed you how much we loved it!

    Barb, I attended your seminar luncheon at the PPAI show six years ago. I had just started my career as an ASI distributor and I was overwhelmed and insecure about selling and really making money. I listened to you talk about making a dream board of where I wanted to go in my life so I made one. Seven years later I am the top sales person here at Custom Images this year and hit the million dollar club—and made over $100,000.00! I am writing to you after all this time because you inspired me to dream and take action. As a single parent, my son has gotten to watch me grow and see how believing can make all the difference in the world. I love my life and above all I believe in myself and the power of pursing my dreams. So thank you and Happy Holidays to you and your family.