Workplace Motivation – What It Means To Be A High Definition Person™

The world is full of people who stand out from the pack. Their level of talent may vary but generally they have a great attitude, are able to navigate from point A to point B with a sense of purpose and usually achieve what they’re working toward. If not the top performer at work, they’re in the top three.

Happy Businesspeople CelebrateA quiet sense of confidence and optimism keeps them making steady progress toward achievement of their dreams and aspirations. You won’t find them stuck in the status quo and sometimes they hit the ball right out of the park.

They just believe they can be satisfied and productive in their work and personal life. They’re vivid (full of life/true to life), vibrant (energized, full of vitality) and valued (for their service and contribution). We call them High Definition People®.

Factors That Distinguish a High Definition PersonTM

  1. They Think Differently

    There’s no denying – how we think and react to life situations impacts our results. Because High Definition People® think differently than most, they manage their outlook on situations and circumstances in their life whether positive or negative. They don’t let negative thinking sabotage their ability to achieve their dreams and aspirations and richness of life. They simply believe they can live a fulfilling life and it’s continually in the making.

    Like high definition TV, high definition people have more clarity on the important things that affect their life. They’re able to discern more clearly what matters and what’s essential to be effective and happier in both their personal and professional life.

  2. They’re Forward Focused

    High Definition People® take action even if in small steps and lower risk and commit to moving forward even when they don’t know what the future holds. You won’t see them settling for the status quo. In the face of a setback, they regroup and fearlessly try a different tack. They aren’t passive bystanders who settle for mere existence. Instead, they clearly envision the life that’s right for them and “act as if” their highest expectations are now in the process of being realized. They don’t just survive, they thrive. They’re more engaged in life, personally and professionally.

  3. They Have Integrity and a Higher Purpose

    High Definition People® are aware of their contribution to their employer and their community and why they do what they do – why they are selling, serving, leading a team, mentoring others, etc. In their community or church, you’re likely to see them volunteering or in some way being part of the solution because they feel it’s the right thing to do as they live more purposefully.

  4. Serving Others Is Their Core

    Whether as an employee or as a member of their community, high definition people are prized and highly valued because serving others is part of their core values. They reject mediocrity and take responsibility for and pride in making a contribution. In the workplace, they have a passion for serving customers at a higher level, selling with integrity and delivering on their promises. As managers, they are truly committed to raising the performance of each team member. As sales professionals, they position themselves as a partner and advocate with their customers to deliver high value and a differentiated experience. High definition people make the world work

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