Are You CHOOSING to Live Your Dreams?

How do you deal with your dreams? I recently read this powerful quote from Rick Warren, a respected pastor. He said, “People deal with their dreams in one of three ways. They accuse, they excuse, or they choose. Accusers spend their entire lives blaming others for why they haven’t achieved their dreams. Excusers make excuses for why they are not living their dreams.  Choosers do what it takes to live their dreams.”

How true this is! Our freedom to choose is one of God’s greatest gifts.  However, we’re also free to make bad choices. This means we need to own it and take responsibility for our actions and decisions. Unfortunately today we see a dramatic increase in the entitlement, blame and victim mindset.  Whether you are at work, doing errands, with friends or family you likely have heard comments such as:

  • “It’s not fair. I would have been promoted to my dream job long ago if it wasn’t for my boss.”
  • “If only I had a college degree, then I’d be prepared to open my own graphic design business.”
  • “I have so many responsibilities now. Maybe when things settle down a bit, then I’ll revisit my goals and dreams.”

The above comments have elements of either accusing, excusing or delaying our dreams. I’m sure you’ve met people who were given little in life yet achieved much and enjoy sharing and encouraging others.  Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks, admits the shame of being a poor kid living in government-subsidized housing motivated him to work hard and make wise choices.

To feel peace, take responsibility and move towards your dreams, reflect honestly on the following questions:

  • Do I tend to blame others for my mistakes or failures? What can I do differently?
  • Do I avoid taking initiative and tend to depend on others for work, advice and instructions? Why?
  • I know life can be unfair and I can’t control circumstances. However, I can control how I react to life’s circumstances. Am I resilient and pleased with how I respond to challenges?
  • What is one unrealized dream I believe God has given me?
  • What action can I take today to begin moving toward my dream?

Don’t wait another day! Assess where you’re at, let go of the past and move forward in faith towards your dreams! Choose to live your dream and life at the highest level possible—in high definition!


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