Six Common Challenges When Hiring a Business Motivational Speaker

Whether you’re an association meeting planner, on-staff planner inside a company or this is your first time hiring a speaker it’s likely you have unique circumstances that require just the right speaker. We know fit is critical.


To help you crystallize exactly what you want your speaker to accomplish, below are six common challenges businesses commonly face when hiring a motivational speaker. If you find some that resonate with you, read how Barbara helps her clients meet these objectives.

  1. You need to shake up the status quo.

    Your company or industry is facing some difficult challenges. It’s time to shake up the status quo, light a fire under your staff or conference attendees and jar them out of their complacency. What’s really needed is a performance breakthrough. You want them to leave inspired and energized, yet with a greater sense of urgency and clarity on what actions to take to improve personal and/or professional results.

  2. You have a high bar for selecting a speaker.

    Having seen many speakers, your group is becoming jaded and indifferent so the bar is very high for your choice. You want the audience to have a unique and memorable experience but you also want a message that’s applicable to their business and personal lives, highly relevant, life-changing and loaded with valuable take-aways.

  3. You want a unique session with high take-home value.

    You’ve been hiring speakers for your group for years. They liked the lady who walked across Russia barefoot, the astronaut with dramatic video of space walks and the guy who juggled five ducks while describing how he survived three rare diseases. You want a unique session but more than just “cotton candy.” You want valuable ideas that are meaningful, purposeful and significant and that people will apply back on the job.

  4. Your group is not invested in the meeting objective.

    You need to change attitudes, beliefs and also increase ownership and buy-in. Many audience members may be disengaged from their job. You feel you need more than a lot of hype and just a one-time event. Reinforcement to sustain results would be a plus. You want them to be engaged, have fun and be happy they came. You want grins, not groans.

  5. Your executives want to see an ROI on their investment.

    You already assume the speaker you hire will provide actionable ideas. Your expectations are higher. Because some people will take the ball and run with it and others won’t, you want options to reinforce and sustain the message so more of the audience actually applies the ideas. You want a speaker who will work with your organization after the presentation to better insure an ROI.

Wondering how Barbara helps you in these areas? Find out by reading Six Ways Barbara Transcends Other Business Motivational Speakers

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