Six Ways Barbara Sanfilippo Transcends Other Business Motivational Speakers


As a member of a meeting or conference program committee, naturally you want to “wow” your attendees and have three things happen:

  • They’ll get energized and inspired
  • They’ll learn valuable ideas they will take action on
  • They’ll have a memorable experience

To help you determine if Barbara Sanfilippo is the motivational speaker to make that happen, following are six factors that differentiate her as a singular presenter for your meeting or conference.

When you click on the Learn More & Read Proof button below each differentiator we will profile three areas:

  • Consider This – Speaker selection factors of considerable weight/import
  • The High Definition People® Difference – How Barbara delivers on it
  • The Proof – Rave reviews that validate Barbara exceeds expectations
  1. Barbara provides powerful tools to change lives and inspires people to take action.

    In the past, possibly you’ve settled for a motivational speaker who is inspirational but short on practical information or vice versa. You may also feel getting tangible results that will last long after the speaker’s presentation asking too much. Can you find a speaker who motivates and  inspires people to think differently, to actually take action, who increases people’s performance at work and at home and makes them feel terrific too? Yes you can.


  2. Barbara’s motivational presentations generate tangible ROI.

    Is it really possible for a speaker to return an ROI measured in dollars? When a speaker drives people out of their comfort zone, rouses marginal employees to excel, motivates sales people to sell over $1 million in business, and spurs managers to engage their staff to improve sales and service performance, then yes, it’s possible.


  3. Barbara is often one of the highest rated speakers at conferences and audience members frequently ask to have her back.

    A lot is on the line when you hire a professional speaker including your reputation. Is it possible to take out some “reputation insurance”? Yes it is.


  4. Barbara increases buy-in and personal responsibility in her audiences.

    It seems some people are naturally go-getters and others will not get with the program in their personal or professional life. Can any business motivational speaker really inspire people to increase their commitment, take responsibility for their life and job satisfaction and even generate enthusiasm for both? Can a speaker get someone who is stuck in the status quo to step up to the plate? Are breakthroughs likely? Yes, yes, yes on all counts!


  5. Barbara prepares extensively to understand her clients’ meeting objectives, values and vision well beyond what most speakers do.

    How effectively a motivational speaker helps you achieve your meeting objective is a function of how well she understands your business, your products and your challenges. Is there someone who will tailor their presentation to incorporate your company’s or association’s industry language and reinforce what you want to emphasize? Yes there is.


  6. Barbara creates a differentiated experience long-remembered by audiences.

    What would need to happen for your audience to be buzzing about a speaker long after they leave the session? It must be more than just a conventional presentation. It would need to be impactful and have fresh, practical and powerful ideas without a lot of hype. People would be engaged, interacting, excited, laughing, taking notes, having fun and learning. Is this asking too much of a speaker? Not if it’s Barbara Sanfilippo.


Audience member discussing ideas he liked from Barbara’s presentation

Barbara with client, Micah Bartlett, CEO, Town and Country Bank
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