Barbara Sanfilippo Is A Business Motivational Speaker Who Inspires Breakthrough Performance at Work and in Life®

Six Ways Barbara Transcends Other Motivational Speakers

  • Key speaker hiring considerations
  • Barbara’s unique deliverables
  • Rave reviews that provide the proof

Speaker Selection Challenges Barbara Solves

  • Need to shake up the status quo?
  • Have a “seen it all before” audience?
  • Want to change attitudes and beliefs?

What It Means to Be A High Definition Person

  • Want to spur personal and professional growth?
  • Want your audience to be transformed?
  • How to Be Vivid, Be Vibrant Be Valued®

Barbara Sanfilippo’s

Most Popular Programs


Fire up your people to take action

Experience Life and Work in High Definition

Uplift your staff with clarity on how to live life well with purpose and intention as a High Definition Person.


Turn leaders into “Olympic Coaches”

Lead In High Definition

Ignite commitment in your managers to put their team members’ success first, help them “go for the gold” and be the best they can be.


Elevate your sales game

Sell In High Definition

Advance to the next level of professional selling by building a reputation as a trusted “go to” partner genuinely interested in your customers’ success.


Contribute, change lives, add value

Serve In High Definition

Differentiate your customers’ experience by putting them first, going the extra mile, exceeding their expectations and impacting their lives.


Live and work with significance

Faith, Values and Character-Building

Inspire your group to renew their mind and live a purpose-filled and worry-free life of peace and grace under any circumstances.

Value Added

Reinforce learning and secure your ROI

High Definition People® Value-Added Services

After Barbara’s talk, get lasting value and sustained results through reinforcement tools such as coaching, consulting, executive debriefs and more.

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What our clients are saying...

  • Your material was timely, your understanding of our business was outstanding and very skillfully applied, you had wonderful energy and I filled a notepad with ideas. I hope the standing ovation showed you how much we loved it!

    Old Republic Home Protection

  • As professional destination management consultants, we’ve seen hundreds of speakers. In my 20 years of incentive and corporate meeting planning it’s rare to find a keynote speaker who will invest the prep time you did to tailor a program to our needs.

    PRA Destination Management, Inc.

  • Our members appreciated both the inspiration and information they can use to engage their staff, lead like an Olympic Coach and dream big! In fact, they "demanded" we have you back as our closing motivational keynote speaker next year.

    American Academy of Medical Administrators

  • It was wonderful to see our group highly engaged, interacting, excited, laughing, writing and having fun! You delivered a unique, experiential keynote with a roadmap, a call to action and the inspiration to succeed–a great ROI!

    BrightStar Franchising, LLC

  • Seven years (after you presented) I am the top sales person here this year and hit the million dollar club and made over $100,000.00! I”m writing to you after all this time because you inspired me to dream and take action.

    Custom Images, Inc (audience member)

  • You ranked as one of our top presenters with 4.4 for content and 4.7 for delivery. You are a meeting planner’s dream motivational speaker! You do your homework, respond in a timely manner and then deliver a powerful, tailored presentation!

    Credit Union National Association

  • Your keynote at our National Sales Conference was more than enlightening – it was incredibly motivating. We all agreed your motivating Dream Big! message and book was the best part and a great way to end the program. 

    American Home Shield (a ServiceMaster Company)

  • Your zest for life and positive outlook are infectious. It has totally changed the way I look at life’s challenges. Also our past president said, “Barbara Sanfilippo was truly astonishing! I think she is “sizzling” hot! Loved it!”

    Society for Human Resource Managers (SHRM) Jacksonville

  • Thank you for delivering on your promise – an engaging presentation that left lasting results. You tailored your presentation to use the language embedded in our service culture so well, it was like watching a Fairmont Leader present.

    The Fairmont Southampton, Bermuda (hotel and resort)

  • …you have inspired me to implement many things within my department and my personal life. Even my boss commented on my increased focus and motivation. Now I’m excited about inviting you to work with our company.

    Customer Service Manager and convention audience member