Barbara Sanfilippo increases buy-in and personal responsibility in her audiences

  • Consider This

    Most people have a yearning to experience life at a higher level and/or get better results at work. They may have the talent and the best intentions but some seem to get stopped easily and stuck in the status quo. We’re not talking just about slackers. People may be good employees, dedicated parents or model citizens but at times, can feel stuck in neutral. A casual observer might ask, “Where’s their enthusiasm? What zapped their energy? Would a defibrillator help?”

    Others have difficulty taking full ownership for aspects of their work or personal life. They may have dreams for the future but hold themselves back with limiting beliefs and negative thinking. Managers may not take responsibility for engaging their team. Staff may not take responsibility for their own job satisfaction. Getting their buy-in is a test of management’s patience. In extreme cases, the really entrenched might be called “the working dead.”

    How do you spark a flame so people take charge of their destinies?

  • The High Definition People® Difference

    Regardless of where people are at on the “work and life results” continuum, they can all benefit from a breakthrough. Barbara Sanfilippo will make that happen for your audience. She’s both a motivational speaker and a catalyst, inspiring people to expand their horizons, imagine possibilities, discipline their mind, dream bigger than they ever have and move forward with purpose and passion.

    She challenges audiences to deliver more value to the customer and thus be more valued by their employer. When she gives them the tools to accomplish that, people actually get inspired, take action and exhibit the new behaviors she suggests.

    Managers see the value in developing their staff. Employees take responsibility for their own job satisfaction and engagement and becoming a bigger contributor. Sales reps begin to explore better ways to serve as well as sell. Balancing these business outcomes, she adds humanity, heart, soul and inspiration to the business objectives of your meeting.

    No matter the make-up of professional or general audience, Barbara inspires everyone to take stock, identify limiting beliefs, imagine new possibilities, formulate a plan of action, and implement the tools to meet their personal goals and /or employer objectives.

    The Proof

  • Barb thanks for your awesome program at our Employee Appreciation Day. You not only gave us great ideas to improve service and customer relationships, you inspired us to take action professionally and personally. Those employees who ‘groaned’ about attending, were raving when it was over! That motivation has had a lasting impact on us. We have several supervisors who are really stepping up to the plate and implementing some of your ideas. We also have a couple of employees who were marginal and have started to excel. Our management team had a brainstorming session after you left and we are holding each other and our supervisors accountable. Thanks again for first learning about us and then delivering an engaging, impactful and memorable message.

    Outstanding job Barbara! You were by far the highest rated speaker in our staff development and leadership series. Your energizing and idea-packed session, Engage Staff, Deliver Service, Dream Big! was the perfect message to get everyone to take ownership and accept responsibility for patient satisfaction and their own work and life satisfaction. The comments on our staff evaluations were full of praise and superlatives!

    Wow, we’ve had speakers before at our Annual Employee Training Day, but Barb’s Dream Big! program was amazing! She got us energized about serving and delighting our customers and building deeper relationships with them. Even better, she showed us how we can take personal responsibility for our own life and job satisfaction and act on our future dreams. Barb is highly engaging, provides take home value and best of all–inspired us to Dream Big!

    On behalf of the Westin Maui team, I want to personally thank you for the dynamic presentations you delivered to our teams here at the Westin Maui Resort & Spa. Your insights into sales with passion, service excellence through engagement, and your personal observations through the eyes of a guest, all provided unique value. One of my managers wrote, “I now have great ideas to engage and reenergize my staff and feel valued as a member of the management team.”

    I would like to personally thank you for putting on a fantastic presentation. Your presentation style left a remarkable impact on our group. If I may, let me share some of the responses turned in by our attendees.
    “This was another one of my favorites! Not only did Barbara get us enthused about work but she got us enthused about life!”
    “Great energy for an opening speaker! I liked the way she blended personal well-being and happiness along with business tactics.”

    I used to make up excuses for why I couldn’t do something. I was fearful, accepted the status quo, played it safe, not taking risks because I didn’t want to fail. After reading Barb’s book, Dream Big – What’s The Best That Can Happen?, I find reasons why I can do something. I look for my divine inspiration and act. My biggest win is I’m now am doing my lifelong dream, playing the piano.

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