Barbara Sanfilippo’s business motivational presentations generate a tangible return on your investment

  • Consider This

    Most event planners assume that the most value they can receive from hiring a motivational speaker is setting the right tone, emphasizing industry imperatives or company objectives and getting people to leave the session more excited about work and life. Achieving that end would certainly be money well spent. However, what if you want more?

    Is it possible to get an ROI measured in dollars? For many of Barbara’s clients the answer is yes.

  • The High Definition People® Difference

    In the first link, High Definition People® Difference, Barbara Provides Powerful Tools to Change Lives and Inspires People to Take Action, we pointed out that Barbara impacts behavior by providing a clear roadmap with practical and fun, user-friendly tools and then inspires people to use the tools to get tangible results. The testimonials in that Proof section attest to that claim

    Reinforcement at the Presentation

    However, if you choose, Barbara will imbed application and reinforcement into a motivational presentation that usually lead to an even more measurable ROI. At a minimum, she gets people to commit to specific action steps to apply what’s learned so management can follow up that those actions are taken. She will challenge the audience to think and record, “What is one thing (or two or three) you will do back at work that will have an impact on results?”

    Reinforcement at Your Company

    Further reinforcement and application run the gamut from a simple email with follow up steps, to a webinar or tele-coaching or even Barbara coming onsite. The email would include comprehensive follow through steps to be completed by managers and/or staff and sent by Barbara or a senior leader. If your management chooses, she will strategize with them on the best ways to get people to take the agreed upon action. A next step would be for Barbara to follow up with senior management on monitoring how the implementation is progressing.


    Tele-coaching back on the job is another level of reinforcement. Those on the tele-coaching calls, including execs listening in, quickly hear the positive results and changes taking place. Barbara will prep your CEO or another senior manager on the call to encourage employees and show your company really means what they say.

    Barbara is able to provide these services and get results due to her very thorough preparation and her experience as a consultant on leadership, customer relationship building, sales and customer service. We offer value-added services to clients in general industries as well as consulting and training for those in the financial services industry

  • The Proof

    Barb, I attended your seminar luncheon at the PPAI show six years ago. I had just started my career as an ASI distributor and I was overwhelmed and insecure about selling and really making money. I listened to you talk about making a dream board of where I wanted to go in my life so I made one. Seven years later I am the top sales person here at Custom Images this year and hit the million dollar club—and made over $100,000.00! I am writing to you after all this time because you inspired me to dream and take action. As a single parent, my son has gotten to watch me grow and see how believing can make all the difference in the world. I love my life and above all I believe in myself and the power of pursing my dreams. So thank you and Happy Holidays to you and your family

    Trust me when I tell you, you have inspired me to implement a number of things within my department, organization and my personal life. You mentioned positioning and adding value in your keynote so I wrote an article and am building deeper relationships with my internal customers.

    To engage my staff and improve their service performance I created a simple motto to reinforce our service standards. You recommended staying current and connected so I am pursuing a board position with my professional association. Best of all, you motivated me to create my very own Dream Board! Even my boss commented on my increased focus and motivation. Now I’m excited about inviting you to work with our company. Thanks Barbara for all you do…the little words and thoughts you share with people have a large impact on our personal and business lives. I love what I do because you reminded me its fun!

    Barbara, on behalf of the Fairmont Southampton Leadership Team, I would like to thank you for delivering on your promise – an engaging presentation that left lasting results. You tailored your presentation to use the language embedded in our service culture so well, it was like watching a Fairmont Leader present. You moved from visitor to family very quickly. I know many of our Leaders made a connection with the specific tools and strategies you offered and even one team who are making Service Dream Boards. Thank you Barb. We consider you a service industry partner and look forward to when our paths may cross again.

    When I first heard your excellent presentation at our Raymond James bank conference, I knew I had to get you to partner with our bank. As a result of your outstanding workshops, structured process, follow up and telecoaching, I am receiving three times the number of referrals before we began our Managing Customer Relationships program with you. In addition, of our 38% asset growth in 2010, at least one quarter to half of that growth was due to the additional referrals. Specifically, we have $2.5M in new assets now under management in our Wealth Management area directly resulting from the new consultative sales approach that you introduced. Plus, our Retail area has seen significant increases in all products and services with our existing customers. Best of all, we appreciate your amazing energy and enthusiasm for keeping us all on track. Thanks Barb!

    Barb, we are extremely pleased with the progress we’ve made and results achieved to date! Your excellent relationship and sales leadership training, coaching and reinforcement over the last 18 months have contributed greatly to our high performance sales and relationship culture. The results speak for themselves, we’ve used a variety of consultants and your firm is the first one that correlated with a direct increase in sales. When we began we had one person in our $1 Million Dollar Loan Club. Now we have 15 people in the club and some are on their way to hitting $2 million. Only one-third were making their goals and now three quarter are making their goals and are members in our 100% Club. In addition, the facilitated telecoaching calls and executive debriefs were invaluable in keeping our managers and FA’s motivated, accountable and focused on building member relationships. In fact, we’ve seen a significant change in how our managers spend their time. They are actively managing the sales process, observing and coaching. You are highly engaging, make selling and relationship building easy and fun for our people and best of all– empower them to believe they can do it. We look forward to having you back for additional training and telecoaching.

    Barb thanks for your awesome program at our Employee Appreciation Day. You not only gave us great ideas to improve service and customer relationships, you inspired us to take action professionally and personally. Those employees who ‘groaned’ about attending, were raving when it was over! That motivation has had a lasting impact on us. We have several supervisors who are really stepping up to the plate and implementing some of your ideas. We also have a couple of employees who were marginal and have started to excel. Our management team had a brainstorming session after you left and we are holding each other and our supervisors accountable. Thanks again for first learning about us and then delivering an engaging, impactful and memorable message.

    “I’ve been involved with a number of sales performance improvement companies in my career that were knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the results they promise. However, I would hire High Definition Banking® over any of them. I can honestly say you have surpassed my expectations. Your definable and measurable process gets our people to carry out the specific activities that lead to results. Nobody else in my experience had such a workable and effective process. It forces me to bring my “A game” all the time. The same can be said for my staff and people I collaborate with in other departments to obtain additional business from our bank customers. It has been a highlight of my career to have had the opportunity to work with you.”

    Barb on behalf of BRAMCO we want to thank you for your excellent Sales Coaching Program for our agency principals, specialists and internal wholesalers. You helped our staff to be better consultants and to understand their customers and producers more deeply. As a result our specialists are more confident, consistent, consultative and closing more cases. Our sales results prove it!

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